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Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America with Spanish Study Holidays. Our schools provide high-quality language courses of 1-week to 40 weeks for students of all ages and levels, so you can learn Spanish at any level to suit your personal abilities.

Spanish is an international language, spoken in some of the most beautiful and exotic countries of the world. Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America; discover Cuba, learn Spanish and Salsa in Havana; explore the mountain rain forests and unspoilt beaches of Costa Rica; combine Spanish lessons with white-water rafting and scuba-diving - even walk the Inca trail in Peru.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish Abroad

If you learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America you will gain a greater cultural understanding of the country, and living and speaking the Spanish language daily enables you to learn Spanish far more quickly than usual.The best way to learn Spanish is to study abroad at a high quality school with an established reputation - and where you can choose from a wide range of specialist courses.

Learn Spanish in Spain

Whatever your needs or interests, we are sure that our language courses in Spain will meet your requirements. You can combine personal interests, lifestyle and cultural interests whilst you learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America. You can choose to learn Spanish in various locations within spain including Barcelona, Salamanca, Granada and Seville.

Learn Spanish in Latin America

There are also 19 locations to choose from if you would like to study Spanish in Latin America - including Cuba, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Spanish Study Holidays

Spanish Study Holidays can provide you with a wide variety of course choices, such as Business Spanish, Spanish for Teachers, Spanish and Flamenco, Spanish plus Salsa and A-Level Spanish.

Why not study Spanish in several locations? You can combine any of our schools in Spain or Latin America, studying Spanish in Barcelona and Madrid, combining Salamanca, Granada, Seville and Tenerife.

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