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Learn Spanish in Alicante


Learn Spanish in AlicanteIf you are looking to take a course in a beautiful beach side location, why not Learn Spanish in Alicante? Our school has a fantastic location, along Alicante's promenade and you can be on the beach just 2 minutes after leaving the classroom!

Alicante enjoys a wonderful climate year round and its splendid beaches winning Blue Flag Awards from the E.U. every year, making this a great location to learn Spanish and relax! However, Alicante isn't just about the beach, with 500,000 inhabitants, Alicante offers the advantages of a medium-sized city, in an exceptional location and enjoys a rich cultural life, with fascinating age-old traditions such as the festivals of the 'Moors and Christians'. Here, people speak Spanish, with no strong accent or regional dialect. This is a beautiful city in which to learn Spanish, as well as being a place where you can really unwind and enjoy the experience!

Spanish school in Alicante

Our school in Alicante, is located in the very heart of the town and has great facilities including 8 spacious classrooms, air-conditioning and wireless Internet access through the school building, a computer lab with free Internet access and student common areas. There is also a school library/study room, where students can study in their free time. Spanish lessons are normally held in the morning, but can also be in the afternoon.

Spanish school in AlicanteSpanish Courses

  • Intensive (20 lessons/wk)
  • Intensive + Private Lessons (25 lessons/wk)
  • Private Lessons (20 lessons/wk)
  • Semi-Intensive (10 lessons/wk)
  • Super Intensive (30 lessons/wk)

Course Details

Maximum in class:10
Minimum age:16
Lessons [mins]:55


  • Shared Apartment
  • Host Family

How to get there

Fly to Alicante. Airport transfers are available.

Star Points

  • high quality Spanish courses in beautiful beach side location
  • wonderful Mediterranean climate
  • regular activity programme including dance lessons and excursions

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