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Our students come from a wide range of nationalities. The exact mix of nationalities varies from location to location, as does the age group. The largest single age group are students aged 18-28 years. However, we also receive many older and younger students, as indicated by the pie chart below:

Our Language Students

Every person is different. It is important that you choose the course, location and type of accommodation which suits you.

Student feedback

June Whitfield - Salamanca, Spain

"The school was well organised, efficient and tutors and staff were extremely helpful and supportive. As ladies of a "certain age" we were concerned that we might feel out of our depth but it was uplifting to be with younger people from all over the world and be readily accepted. I will certainly encourage my daughter to attend such a course at the appropriate time as I feel the entire experience is invaluable. "

"We stayed with Maria Cea and her husband, Gonzalo, who where so kind, generous and patient and treated us as family. The accommodation was clean and well kept, the food excellent, the Spanish conversation often hilarious! They gladly gave up their bedroom to accommodate a New Zealand friend we met at school who was unhappy with his hostel as they wanted him to have happy memories of his time in Salamanca. Helen and I have both written to them directly to thank them for their hospitality and kindness. "

Christine Harrop - Havana, Cuba

I really enjoyed my recent two week Spanish course in Havana. I stayed in a four star hotel on the coast about 10 minutes taxi ride from Old Havana. The hotel has two large swimming pools, lots of terraces for sunbathing and several bars and restaurants. So, although we were there to learn Spanish, we really felt like we were on holiday too. Every weekday I had classes from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm (with a half hour break which I usually spent at the pool). There were four students in my class and we really had fun while we learned. The Cuban teachers were fantastic. As well as having excellent teaching skills, they knew how to make the classes enjoyable.

In the afternoons the school arrranged trips for the students. On the first day we had a guided walking tour of Old Havana and on subsequent days we had trips to local beaches, museums and art galleries. One of the most enjoyable events was a visit to the University of Havana where we had a cultural and language exchange with Cuban students.

In the evenings the school organised dinners at restaurants in Havana and evenings at jazz and salsa clubs. The music and dancing in Havana are amazing. On the weekend, they arranged full day trips to places of interest outside Havana at a very reasonable cost. Some students also took diving and salsa dancing courses in the afternoons after their language classes. Others hired cars and went off to discover Cuba by themselves.

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