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American College Credits

American College CreditsStudents attending American Colleges/Universities can obtain academic credits by attending Spanish courses at some of our schools in Spain and Latin America. The maps indicate at which of our schools these credits are available. However, if you are interested in obtaining such credits, please see the important explanatory notes given below, before enrolling on one of our Spanish courses.

How to apply for your credit:

College credits can be attained through Nicholls State University (Louisiana), Georgetown University (Washington D.C.) and the University of Southern Mississippi, depending on which of our schools you choose to study at.

It is very important that you register for the credit in the U.S. before you start your Spanish language course at one of our schools. In order to know at which of the above universities you should register for your credit, please contact us, indicating which of our schools you wish to study at in Spain or in Latin America.

Once you have informed us of which of our schools you wish to study at, we will provide you with the contact details of the person at the relevant above institution to whom you should apply to register for your credit.

Please remember to take with you to our school all the documentation supplied to you by the university to which you have applied for your credit. Without this documentation, our school will not be able to properly oversee your work or fill in the relevant sections as regards work completed and level obtained. After completing your Spanish course at our school, you will then need to take these papers back with you to the U.S. in order to apply for your credit. Credits are naturally only awarded if the course has been attended and work completed to a satisfactory standard. Each university charges a different amount for the awarding of these credits.

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